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Women's hoodie

The hoodie also called "hoodie" is a must in the wardrobe of the fashionista. Despite its sporty and sometimes even too basic look, the hoodie is actually a real trendy piece. The hooded sweatshirt can be found on women's haute couture catwalks because it is easy to wear while giving your figure a real allure.

The hoodie: sportswear or elegant?

With the passing years, the so-called hoodie hoodie has made a place for itself in the fashion industry. We wear it today under a blazer with the hood pulled out to give a comfort and chic style to the Parisienne. Long hooded sweatshirts are also worn with leggings and a pair of boots for a casual look. And finally the most famous way to wear the hoodie is indeed with a joggers so as to create a jogging set that will save your life when you don't know what to wear. In order to develop your outfits, you will find a wide range of inexpensive clothing on our site, whether for your tops or your bottoms, we have everything you need!

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