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Flowing pants


What could be more comfortable and chic at the same time? Fluid pants are our everyday ally. We wear it both casually with a t-shirt , a jacket or a blazer and a pair of sneakers to go to town or on the contrary we wear it very elegantly with a shirt and beautiful pumps to go out to dinner with friends. .

There are different cuts of fluid pants, it can be more or less wide or flared. And it can also be very long to cover your pumps or slightly short to reveal the birth of your legs.

At Grossiste-en-ligne we find fluid pants in different materials, cotton for its softness, fluffy fleece for comfort, wool for its warmth, lace for its elegance, or fine knits for lightness.

We also offer a wide range of colors, we offer the most basic shades such as black and white but we have selected a palette of prints and vibrant colors such as floral prints, pastel colors.


These pants are an ultra trendy wardrobe essential, we need them all! We wear it to go to work or when we are invited to a ceremony. It is suitable for all body types and it adapts to all styles, a real chameleon! At your favorite wholesaler of cheap women's clothing you will find a multitude of clothes and accessories to dress your outfits. We make women's fashion available to everyone and we offer you wholesale prices whether you are an individual or a professional. You will find many categories such as dresses, jeans or shirts to develop your looks as well as a clearance section with all our products at ultra mini prices.

Flowing pants
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