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Gray pants


Trousers are one of the clothes most worn by women in our time, once reserved for men, they are now part of our daily life and are present in each of our wardrobes. But the gray pants set him apart from his colleagues, thanks to its color between black and white. It is neither too dark nor too bright, it is the happy medium between basic and elegance. There are multitudes of shades of gray pants, such as anthracite, light gray or slate gray, there are also warm undertones and cold undertones, among all these choices you will surely find on the shade of gray that suits you.

Now let's talk about the shape, it is important to choose the cut of your clothes to develop your outfit. We find the gray pants in all its forms, in slim to shape the legs, in a tailored version to bring glamor to the outfit, in a palazzo version to give a trendy appearance or in a straight cut for its timeless side that blends in with everyone. your outfits.


Choose it according to your body type and your style. For petite women, choose straight or slim cuts that will make you look longer. Have fun and dare to showcase your assets, if you have a slim waist, choose high-waisted pants to accentuate the illusion of long legs. You can then wear your gray pants with a cropped top and a blazer for example.

For tall women, dare the gray palazzo pants, they will give you allure and an irresistible chic style.

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Gray pants
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