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Red tops

The elegant and inexpensive red top

Red is THE color of femininity, making the red top a romantic and sexy top that women love. There are many shades of red tops like burgundy top, bright red top, crimson top and many more but they are all equally beautiful. The red top is also worn a lot during the holiday season because it is crisp and bright. On this kind of occasion, we move towards a red sequin top or a red lace top, to be original.


The timeless and inexpensive red top

Choose the red top that suits you according to your body type and your style.

If you are thin then go for a red bustier top or a red boat neck top that you can combine with high waist jeans to highlight your slim waist. And for women with curves, dare to highlight them with a pretty red top in fluid satin that you will associate with beautiful carrot pants to contrast with the top. Do not hesitate to add a jacket or a blazer for those who would like to be very chic.

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Red tops
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