Join us, by becoming one of our independent dropshipper.
But how does it work and how
is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a solution allowing a web merchant (you) to use our photos to be able to sell our products online on the platform of your choice: your online store, on instagram, on Facebook marketplace, on amazon, on C- discount or other platforms that allow you to sell products. Once the products are sold, you simply have to place an order on an online wholesaler directly indicating the address of your customers and as you are in a Dropshipper account we send your orders to your customers without any advertising mentioning us and registering you as sender on your purchase orders.rn

When you are in a dropshipper account, Online Wholesaler remains completely anonymous and no longer appears on any order sent.

This sales model allows you to set up your activity in online sales without having to invest in advance in products, storage or logistics costs, we then become your logistics operator and your supplier without you paying the lesser euro.rn

The advantages of this solution:

  • There is no need to accumulate stock or invest in stocks. Thousands of wholesale-online products will become your stock. No need to pay for a box to store or advance funds.
  • We take care of the preparation of orders and packaging, we become your logistics operator *.
  • We send your orders to your customers with your name as the sender and we remain completely anonymous.

We have made 2 options available to you, one easy to implement and one more advanced which requires you to have an e-commerce site:

1. Easy as pie, you get our photos to sell the products on the platform of your choice and once sold…. You order from your customer area and we ship it to your customer for you.

2. You already have a Prestashop E-commerce site or want to create one. Perfect ! If You already have an e-commerce site created on the Prestashop cms, you can then download our dropshipping module directly into your customer account and install it on your e-commerce site.

Thanks to this module, all our products will automatically migrate (images, title, description, stocks, composition, sizes, colors) to your administration management of your e-commerce site and the product stocks will be updated several times per day, you will therefore just have to put your selling prices and publish the products on your site in order to put them on sale, and when you will receive orders you will just have to click on the button create this order on online wholesaler from your administration management validate it and we will send it to your client for you.

If you do not yet have a site or a developer, you must: Hire a developer to install a Prestashop site, preferably on a higher quality VPS / dedicated or shared server (we recommend the company LNKBOOT which offers Prestashop support and bug fix they are available on this number: 0184208946 )

What your developer should do:

  • You take a domain name ( and set up a prestashop site on a dedicated server. To download prestashop:, Be careful if you downloaded the latest version, it may have bugs
  • Your developer will have to add the modules (CB - PayPal) to you so that you can collect your sales, then you will have to create a CB and PayPal account so that your modules can work. Download the modules on
  • You add the modules of Mondial Relay and GLS carriers then you will have to create a customer account on the sites of these two carriers so that the modules can work (As we take care of the delivery, you may not be sending anything with these carriers but the account is essential so that your customers can choose a delivery method. Download the modules on
  • You add a nice site theme that you can buy on or (Be careful to choose a theme with full documentation because the settings to make a nice menu on your site can be complicated without documentation)
  • Edit the information pages on your site (General conditions of sale, Company info or "who are we")
  • Add our module on your site and activate it with the API key that you will have received by email during your registration, then you must set up a cron task on your site's server to perform the functions of the module (The cron task this is the task that allows you to configure the updates. Download our module available in your customer account
  • Configure module parameters

Then the products will be created in the catalog section of your site and you can define your selling prices and publish as many products as you want on your E-commerce site

As you understand, you are the owner of your site and completely autonomous. You will create your own site which will belong to you entirely, you will put your means of payment so that you can collect your orders yourself with the prices that you have defined yourself and you will only pay at online wholesaler your products with your preferential rates and your shipments to your customers.

What we strongly advise you :

  • Call on a good developer for the creation of your site and to support you (we recommend the company LNKBOOT which offersrn Prestashop support and bug fix they are available on this number: 0184208946 )with whom we also work and whom we recommend for their seriousness and mastery. However, you are free to choose your developer by other means if you wish.
  • Host your site on a good dedicated server because there are more than 3000 products with regular new features that will be imported and you will need a dedicated server capable of handling the catalog and visitors (Ask your developer for advice)
  • Buy a nice theme for the design of your site with full documentation because the themes have features and settings to change the look of the site and to create a nice menu

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