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Long vests

Long cardigans for women

Vests are usually mid-length with long sleeves, but today there are vests of all styles, such as sleeveless vests, long vests or inexpensive short vests. Something to fill your wardrobe at a lower cost.

Consider teaming your long fringed cardigan with a blouse and cute low- rise jeans to go to work comfortable and chic.

Feel free to personalize your look by tying your long cardigan at the front during summer evenings and wear it with a tank top and high waisted shorts to give it a cool and relaxed look.

Find the ideal and inexpensive long cardigan!

If you are cautious, we recommend the fringed cardigan because it is thick and it keeps you warm, wear it with imitation pants to play with materials and give style to your clothes.

If on the contrary you do not fear the cold then wear the long fine knit cardigan with a beautiful top and a skirt to be seductive and comfortable.

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Long vests
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