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Satin dresses


Whether long or short, tight or loose, strapless or bohemian, the satin dress has made a comeback in our wardrobes. Timeless and passionately feminine, she knows how to flatter the silhouette of the woman, from the smallest to the largest size.


This is the perfect evening dress. If you like the elegance of the black dress, the satin material will add an extra. But even though its silky feel gives it a 'cocktail dress' look, there are a number of ways to wear a satin dress in everyday life. In summer, its fluidity, its thin straps and its open back are an asset against high temperatures and it goes perfectly with a pair of heeled or barefoot sandals.

Moreover, it can be worn with all types of shoes! With a pair of boots and a small leather jacket , you get the perfect grunge look. While with a pair of trainers, we reduce its sexy side, for a more casual look. And to complete this casual look, we can wear it over a short-sleeved, round-neck t-shirt or a button-down blouse, like our favorite Instagrammers do.

In Autumn-Winter, nothing could be more chic than the marriage of materials! The draped effect of a beige silk dress with a lace neckline associated with a navy blue wool sweater will give you a glamorous look that will capsize your hearts! The same goes for velvet and jeans, which go perfectly with the material. Little skater dress, shirt dress, tunic, asymmetrical skirt, straight or with ruffles, all the cuts are on Wholesaler-in-line. Be ready for any occasion by taking advantage of our inexpensive clothes!

Satin dresses
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