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Sequined dresses


What would the feminine wardrobe be without a sumptuous dress adorned with sparkling jewels? This is THE dress you need for events and parties. Centerpieces of your closet, sequined dresses and sequined dresses are real jewels that will stand on their own, nothing better to attract attention to you. In simple touches or on the whole dress, the sequins will make you shine brightly at your special evenings.

Be careful shining in a sequined dress is not synonymous with paying dearly for your dress, on the contrary, at Wholesaler-on-line we offer trendy dresses at the forefront of fashion and not expensive!


For an immediate party style, choose your short, body-hugging dress with a strapless top with lace details and rhinestones to brighten up the dress. For a very chic event, opt instead for the long evening dress, with a neckline at the back for a "waw" and elegant effect. Bet on the right accessories, choose carefully what will accompany it so as not to be “too much”. On a short shiny dress we do not hesitate to put a blazer or a long coat given character to the outfit, we will favor plain and sober colors.

Imagine yourself on Christmas Eve in your splendid skater sequin dress with a thin belt to highlight your assets. You wear a long pale gray coat, to recall the tones of your silver sequined dress and carry your magnificent evening bag in your hand. You are sparkling and radiant with beauty in your pretty sequined dress.

At Grossiste-en-ligne we offer thousands of inexpensive women's clothing, do not hesitate to browse our other categories to polish your looks.

Sequined dresses
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