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Long shirts

Cheap long shirt for women

The shirt was previously reserved for men, but in recent years it is women who wear it, always with class and sophistication. Because indeed the shirt is a true symbol of elegance and is therefore worn on certain occasions. Today there are many different shirt cuts to suit all sartorial tastes. But the one that we wear the most is the long printed shirt, because there are a multitude of them all more beautiful than the others, such as long checked shirts, long floral shirts or even long striped shirts. .

There is a fashion trend which is to wear your long shirt with a belt at the waist to give an even more chic style to your outfit.

Wearing his long shirt

The long shirt can be worn in different ways but it is suitable for all body types. On a special occasion such as a wedding we wear a long pale pink or beige shirt with white skinny pants or a white skirt.

For everyday wear, wear the long black or blue shirt with raw jeans and a pair of sneakers, it's the ideal outfit to be comfortable.

For an evening you can wear the long shirt alone like a dress or with shorts or a skirt to be attractive and chic.

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Long shirts
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