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Long sleeve crop tops

Cheap long-sleeved crop tops

The crop top is so trendy that there are even long-sleeved ones. What could be better for a retro look than wearing a long-sleeved crop top with high waisted pants and a nice pair of trainers? Other than that not much, maybe the short sleeve crop top! But finally you will understand the crop top exists in various styles and it adapts to everyone, that's why we love it so much and we have trouble choosing between all the varieties of crop top.

Dress up your crop top for any occasion

It is worn like the short-sleeved crop top, that is to say with almost everything. It can be worn just as well in a jacket and pants set as with simple raw jeans or shorts . The long sleeves allow you to wear a crop top even when it's cool outside.

But the favorite look of Wholesaler-on-line is indeed the beige long-sleeved crop top worn with a long pleated skirt and a small pair of sandals. It is a trendy and elegant outfit that can be worn on any occasion.

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Long sleeve crop tops
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