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T-shirt and Top

It is often the one we neglect the most, but yet the T-shirt is your best ally. Whatever your style, your mood or the message you want to convey, it remains a timeless basic. An unexpected outing with friends? No problem, a little top associated with a little slim jeans and you are adorned in a casual and trendy look. Imagine being called by your boss in the middle of a girls' restaurant, disaster a meeting organized at the last minute! No panic, a little blaser on your superb personalized t-shirt, and let's go for a "working girl" style. There are so many variations in the world of women's t-shirts that we cannot name them all, but one thing is certain, it will go well with all kinds of accompaniment. Summer is just around the corner, it's great to bring out your favorite skirt and a little tank top to let the sun caress your skin. Or a very important interview but which was unforeseen an hour ago, "we breathe deeply" we open our closet and we opt for a sublime sober white shirt and black pants, and voila, you are at the top to rip everything. Even if it takes second place in your outfit and you want to highlight the little jacket unearthed the day before on sale, a pretty tunic will do. As you will understand, the women's top adapts to all situations, to all seasons, and to all ages. The essential to have on hand for a casual and sportswear look, a polo shirt and shorts and off you go for a trendy day and optimal comfort.


Want to start in e-commerce? Wholesaler-on-line accompanies you, to start your adventure.

Do you like an online wholesaler and want to resell our products? Great! Wholesaler-on-line is always there to facilitate the adventure. With our catalog of more than 4,000 references, and new products every week. Wholesaler-on-line is the best choice of supplier and that's not all. Our photos are copyright free, meaning that you can reuse them for your own e-commerce platform. Isn't that superb? Take care of you, we do everything to make your job easier!

To be able to start the adventure, make sure you choose the right marketplace to have a starting point for your activity. There are a huge number of them, but we have selected the easiest and fastest for you.

  1. Facebook marketplace is quick and easy with millions of visitors every day your products will be constantly visible and sales will be generated.

  2. Instagram, easy to access and it's free (except for advertisements) more visibility is just as significant, it is the ideal place to create a community for you but also your brand image in order to stand out from your competitors.

  3. Create your own website, using different e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, which will offer you a ready-to-use site for a monthly fee.

  4. Amazon Marletplace, millions of sellers are found there, it's that simple, and accessible for you. This marketplace offers you to put your products on sale there in exchange for a commission in%.

So ? Ready to start in e-commerce?

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