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Please review this page before contacting us, as the majority of our calls deal with the same issues, you will surely find your question answered here.


I placed my order the day before yesterday and I would like to know where it is :

If you placed your order less than 2 days ago, there is a good chance that it is still in preparation and will be sent at the end of the day.

However, you can consult your customer account to see the status of your order: "pending", "in preparation", "shipped" ...

Due to a large number of orders, some may not be shipped until after 48 hours.

I placed my order 3 weeks ago and I still haven't received anything :

Are you sure you have paid for your order?

To be sure, check that your account has been debited.

I placed the order 3 weeks ago, I'm sure I paid and still haven't received anything :

Which carrier have you chosen?

If you chose EXAPAQ for home delivery, there's a good chance you missed them. EXAPAQ does not leave a transit slip all the time and will only re-deliver you if you contact them again. For this you will find the number of your Exacentre at this address

I contacted EXAPAQ, they told me that my package had returned to you :

In this case, please call us to confirm your address and we can resend your package via COLISSIMO.

I placed an order 3 days ago and still haven't received anything yet my customer account says it is shipped :

"Shipped" means that the order has left our warehouse and has been handed over to the carrier.

If you chose COLISSIMO, please check your mails, we had to send you a tracking number. Then please visit the COLISSIMO website, enter your tracking number, and you will know where your order is.

IF you have chosen EXAPAQ, check your email to retrieve your tracking number, then please visit the EXAPAQ site, enter your tracking number and you will know where your package is.

In all cases, once the package is in the "shipped" status, it comes into the hands of the carrier, and is no longer under our control. The average delivery times are 2 days (after shipment), but it happens that for any reason (bad weather, strike, month of August ...) the delivery takes longer.

Don't be worried, your package will arrive.

I haven't received my tracking number, so I don't know where my package is :

If your package is in the "shipped" status and you have not received your package number, you can call us to have it sent to you.


I'm a little afraid to pay online, is that safe?

We use the 3D SECURE system which is the most secure payment system on the internet. Several authantifications will be required to make your payment.

Payment by credit card is refused even though I have money in my account :

New internet security methods are so effective that sometimes you won't be able to make your payment.

For that you have 2 possibilities:

- Use another means of payment (check, money order or paypal)

- Call us to make the payment by phone

I can't pay by card because I'm being asked for a code :

The secure 3D payment systems we use are very secure. To pay, you must provide a code. You will get this code in different ways depending on your bank.

- Sometimes you have to ask them, they will provide it to you.

- Sometimes it's up to you to choose the code the first time.

- Sometimes the code is sent by text or email.

Check with your bank. And in any case, you can always use another payment method or call us to make the payment over the phone.

I want to pay by transfer :

It's possible.

Refer to the PAYMENT page for our bank details.

Once the transfer has been made, call us or send an email to let us know, so that the order is maintained.

I want to pay by check :

It's possible.

Refer to the PAYMENT page for our bank details.

Once you've sent the check, call or email us to let us know, so that the order can be held.


I received my package and the item of clothing is too small, what can I do?

Being specialized in wholesale, our clothes are intended for resale. No exchange or refund will be made for size problems, or simply because you do not like the product.

The one and only returns that we process are due to quality problems on the garment (stain, faulty stitching ...)

The clothes I have received are stained or damaged :

As stipulated in the CDG, we will make an exchange, a refund or a credit for the amount of the defective products.

In this case, please return the defective products to us, along with the photocopy of the invoice, circle the products you are returning to us and write a note giving the reason for the return and what you expect in exchange.

If we find a real quality defect in our products, we will bear the shipping costs.

You sent me a product that I did not order, however I did not receive the voucher :

This is an error on our part, you can return the product to us, we will return the voucher to you in exchange, or we will give you a refund, or we will credit you with a credit note for the amount of the product in question.

The shipping costs will be at our expense.


I don't know what my size is :

Here are the correspondences of the sizes:

Size XS = Size 34

Size S = Size 36

Size M = Size 38

Size L = Size 40

Size XL = Size 42

American sizes:

Size 26 = Size 34

Size 28 = Size 36

Size 30 = Size 38

Size 32 = Size 40

Size 34 = Size 42

How do your products fit ?

Our products are usually cut in a standard fashion, just like in any store.

It happens that some cut more or less small or large, in this case, we are not able to indicate it to you piece by piece given the number of references that we have in stock. Our switchboard operators will not be able to give you this information.

I saw a product pictured on your site but is it really that short?

The models pictured on our site wear 36 and measure approximately 1m75.

Some dresses may appear short, but it will all depend on how tall you are in relation to them.

Where are your products made?

Mostly in China, but some come from Italy and others from France.

Our switchboard operators will not be able to tell you the origin of specific items of clothing.


Do you ship abroad ?

Yes, everywhere.

How are things going for VAT?

If your billing or delivery address is outside France, we do not charge you VAT, you can call us, and pay by phone, in this way we will deduct it right away.

When you place your order, select your country, and VAT will automatically be deducted from your total.

If you come to pick up your order at the warehouse, you will have to pay the VAT, then, once you get home, you will have to send us the customs paper justifying that the package has indeed left France, and at that time, we refund the VAT.


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